Monday, July 2, 2012

Naming Our Children

My niece started this topic by discussing how her latest daughter's name was decided.  It's a great story and you can read her story for yourself on her blog.

Our daughter-in-law responded with her thoughts and I thought I'd add mine here.

Will with his twin sisters Sarah and Becca - 1989

Sarah Beverly and Rebecca Catherine:
Bill and I do the same as Will and Liz - first name is a favorite and the middle name is a family name.  Sarah Beverly has my mother's name as her middle and Rebecca Catherine has Bill's grandmother's middle name, hence Catherine with a C.
William Jennings Holman V:
I didn't have a lot of input with Will's name.  He was William Jennings Holman V and we are both very proud to carry on the name.  I did however get to decide what we would call him as he grew up.  I wanted to use William since his father was Bill (Billy to the older generation but I could never see myself calling a grown man Billy) and his grandfather was Bill too.
Will was able to decide on his preference of address when he was old enough to decide and he like Will and so do we.  Rebecca ended up making her choice later and she prefers  Becca.  Sarah is Sarah with an 'h' and proud of it.  Our girls always had middle name options to use if they weren't crazy about their first given name. William on the other hand couldn't see himself as a 'Jennings' so had fewer options.  We have never expected the tradition to continue.  It's the parents choice and they can name their child whatever they like.  Who knows?  It could skip a generation or two and maybe surface again in the future.
Family time:
I am so proud to be a mother and grandmother.  Children keep you young. And grandchildren are so worth waiting for.  Family is the best.  I value every single moment I can spend with them

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