Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Downtown on the Job

I have a new job downtown.  Here are some sights in the area:

A peak at my new office - anything look familiar?

A new addition for the office:

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Another Book Finished

I finished Mansfield Park this week.  It was a slow start and the last ten chapters were the best.  Thoroughly enjoyable and another Jane Austin checked off from my list of reads for this year.
I only have two more of her reads left to accomplish my goal for all six.
Still to read:
Sense and Sensibility
How are you doing on your goals for this year?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring Shares from Minnesota

The trees are blooming and the weather has been nice for the most part.  We are still having some chilly days which are shocking when we were starting to get used to good weather.  The poor furnace is so confused - on or off; what to do?
This tree is just outside our garage and I think it's the prettiest in the neighborhood.

The other trees are in various stages of blooming.

Capone loves sitting out on the patio.

Even though those storm clouds seem to hang around a lot lately.  This photo was taken this morning as the clouds were breaking up and the sun was coming out.

Hope you are having a great Spring too.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Great Mystery and a Great Read

I finished another book recently. This one is for book club later in April.
It's fiction.  It takes place in Murano, Italy.  You'll want to put on your travel shoes for this one.  You may even make a quick trip over to Paris and back.  I'm ready to travel - how about you?  But seriously, it's a great story and you will not want to put this one down until you've finished every last page.

Lunch with My Good Friend Jo

Jo and I meet for lunch today.  Can you tell where?
We had a lovely lunch and a good chat.  It's been awhile.
We started celebrating my birthday early.  This is NOT part of the lose weight fast plan - but then your birthday is only once a year and what's a little chocolate among friends.
And the calories don't count if you share.  Good cake and great frosting.
Happy early birthday to me.  And if you're wondering - my birthday is not until much later this month and yes, I will be 39 years old - Again.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Treats

We shared treats left out at our local scrapbook store.  We made some cute Spring cards too. It was a fun Saturday afternoon.  What did you do today?
I'm heading to bed early.
We're attending the sunrise service and need to be at church at 6 AM.  Night all.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Easter Greetings

I planned on getting the Easter cards I made in March mailed this weekend.

Unfortunately I can't find them.  I have looked high and low- in every little space I can think of in the house and even the truck of my car ) you'd be surprised what I toss in the car on my travels around the city ever week.  But alas - no homemade Easter/Spring cards.  Bummer.  I am hoping that I left them in a desk drawer at work but if not I probably won't be able to find them to send until next year.  Does that mean that I am ahead or behind?

I found at cute sample at a scrapbook store near me so I'll share that one here instead.