Sunday, July 29, 2012

Moving Events

The end of the month can be a busy time for moving.
This July
Sarah is moving out of her apartment.
My friend Ryn is moving out of her Lake Harriet Condo and into a house with a backyard.

Me - I'm helping where I can!

At the Holman townhouse in Savage:
Step 1: Crafts out of the guest room and into the Master.
Getting there but still more to purge.  I think a garage sale is in order soon.
This isn't bad but the closet is too full........

Our book shelves are now more for craft storage and not so much for books.
I gave away some books and moved a lot of closet storage to the garage.
The best part, Carol helped me hang up all my clothes and now I can find outfits by color - amazing.

In the process I was able to clear out the guest room, and
Step 2: Sarah moved in on Saturday.

She has a few days before Becca gets back from France and then they will be sharing that room for a month.
From two people to 4 people to make a full house for the Holmans in one easy week.

On Sunday
Across town in Minneapolis:

Packing up a condo.  We helped pack up the kitchen in no time.

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