Monday, August 29, 2011

Summer Comes to an End

Where did the summer go?
I have had a busy summer.  I traveled to Little Rock and then Florida in June. I had friends visit from WI in July.  I have enjoyed family time and friend time and I've even had lots of time for reading.
In June with my favorite girls reading in Little Rock at Barnes and Noble.

At the pool - fun in the sun with Meg and Lu.

I drove on to Florida with my daughters to help them settle in Clearwater and flew back to Minnesota on June 23.  I was so happy to be able to help Sarah and Becca get settled in their new apartment and see the beach closest to their new home.

Wendy and Helen visited from Wisconsin for a week in early July.
A highlight of their trip was visiting the Farmer's Market in Mpls, getting fresh vegetables and fruit and fixing meals for the week with the great finds.

Out for a walk around the block.
I had lots of time to exercise but I need to do it MORE.
And with that I'll end the summer and try to be better at blogging this Fall.