Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Birthday, Sarah and Becca

Today is a special day.  Can your guess why?
Happy Birthday to my baby girls - 25 years young.
Becca and Sarah

This is one of my favorite recent photos:
It was taking during their collage years when they were living in St Paul.

Our beautiful grown ladies:
Becca and Sarah late this summer before Becca moved to Indonesia.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

More Colorful Leaves

It's still beautiful in the neighborhood.

I love the Fall and all the colorful leaves.  It was sunny today and the sun shining through the leaves was breathe taking.

Monday, October 15, 2012

October Colors

The colors are beautiful and the weather was wonderful this last Sunday.
I captured some of the leaves and decorations in our neighborhood.

 At this house they are ready for Thanksgiving and Halloween.

Skeletons and huge spiders - scary!!

Leaves have been falling off and there are many trees without any leaves at all.
This is in our neighborhood too.  So hurry and catch the colors above before you miss them this year.

Health Expo

GE capital had a Health Expo for family and friends on Saturday morning.  Even though there was rain all day, the expo went on inside.  Everyone had a great time.
 Sarah worked at the evaluation spot and did body readings.  She did a great job.

Pumpkins were painted and adorned.  Beautiful.

 We took some pumpkins from the Expo pumpkin patch and decorated our front steps at home.

There were snacks and lunch of healthy choices too. All in all it was a great Saturday morning!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Twin City Marathon Weekend

Sarah and I went to the marathon expo on Saturday afternoon. 
Sarah picked up her paperwork and found a new t-shirt and tights for running. 

Are we ready?

Then early (very early) Sunday morning:
Shoes before the race!


Sarah is anxious at 6:30 am, but ready to go.  "Let's get this done!"


 The runners - here they come
 And there they go!
Waiting for Sarah!

We saw Sarah at the 5 mile mark and promised to meet her at the 9.  
But the traffic in Minneapolis was horrible.  There were lots of family and friends cheering on the runners so we headed to the 10 mile mark. There we received this message on my phone: "Update: SARAH H passed the 13.1 mark in 02:19:35.  At this pace we predict she will be at the 18.6 mile mark around 11:15:29."
We missed her.  She's at 13 miles and we are still at 10 miles.

We raced back to our car and Bill drove fast and furiously to the 22 mile mark on Summit Avenue.  Yes, we did see her there.  She was looking good.  I snapped a bunch of photos;  I was in record mode instead of camera mode and nothing turned out.

It was time to head to the finish line at the State Capitol and cheer for Sarah as she entered the chute.  We missed her again and received this message on my phone during the drive to the capitol:
"Update: SARAH H finished at 12:58:27.  She has an unofficial time of 04:57:27."
We were still on University Ave in traffic and far away from the the finish line.  I had my cell phone but I also had Sarah's cell phone!  So much for a congratulations call or finding her in the crowd.

We arrived over 30 minutes after Sarah.  She was with friends on the grounds at the corporate tent but I didn't know that.  Fortunately, she called me on someone else's phone which I called and left a message. She retrieved her phone and went back to celebrate.

Picture time, without Sarah.  Bill and I are enjoying the cold but sunny weather in St Paul while we wait to take Sarah home.

Here is happy Sarah with her new medal:  New PR for Sarah - under 5 hours.  Official time came in at 04:50:00 for 26.2 miles.  Congratulations to Sarah.
Best photo of all - happy and home to relax after her accomplishment.