Monday, March 26, 2012

Getting Organized in My Craft Room

Had some time this weekend to organize my craft supplies - new and old - in our second bedroom.  Bill put some crate shelves together and I sorted through my stuff.  It's so nice to be able to find my tools, paper, punches, and stamps all together again.
Bill did a great job putting the shelves together.
I did my part organizing the stuff.

I still have more to do and I see a necessary garage sale in our future, but things are looking better - really!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring is Here????

It's only March in Minnesota but Spring appears to be here.  The shrubs and trees are budding, flowers are blooming and landscape work has already started.  These are things we don't normally see until late April.  But of course we aren't complaining.  It's nice to have a  short winter for once.

Time for Easter and Spring cards.  I worked on some this weekend.  See any you like?

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Our Recent Road Trip to Pine City

It was a beautiful day - sunny and 79 degrees.  Is this really Minnesota in mid-March?

Ryn, Carolyn and I were in Pine City for another fun day of card creating.
Here are a few of our favorites from Jessica's recent Card Class:

Other sights in town:
 Ready for Spring - outside and inside the store.
Out to lunch:
 a castle turret
Conversation with a Knight in Shining Armour

My Jane Austen Books Goal

One of my goals this year is to read all of Jane Austen's novels.  I just finished this one:
I have now read Pride and PrejudiceNorthanger Abby, and Persuasion.  
My next read is Mansfield Park.

I have watched the movies for Emma, Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice and Persuasion. However, movies don't count toward the awesome goal of reading all of her complete novels.  

Which ones have your read?
Jane Austen's Complete Novels - All Six
Pride and Prejudice
Mansfield Park
Northanger Abbey
Sense and Sensibility

Recent Reads

Along with crafts, I enjoy reading for pleasure and education.  Here's what I've read recently:
Holland Visit - memories of many of the places I explored while in that country.

Book Club for March - I was the discussion leader.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Whole Foods in Town

Bill and I stopped by the Whole Foods store on Excelsior Blvd on the way home from work.  We needed bread and fruit.  I picked up some coffee and tea.  We selected some yummy potatoes, and some meat for dinner.  Bill made dinner when we got home.  The pork and baked potatoes were delicious.  We have chicken for tomorrow evening.
Some sights at Whole Foods:

I didn't buy these but I had to capture the adorable art work for these teas.  So cute!

I love this store. There are lots of great selections. Where do you shop for groceries?

Stuck on Ice

Saturday morning I was stuck on the ice in Brenda's driveway when I stopped by for a visit.  I followed Brenda to her new place.  I was right behind her.  She parked her car and got out to direct me to a parking spot.  However, I made the mistake of pausing and when I tried to continue up the drive, my wheels began spinning and I was stuck.  I tried to back up but I ended up in a snow bank which saved me from backing down the hill.  So here I am, in the middle of a hill.  I can't go up and I can't go down.  See for yourself.
So the first thing I did was stop the car and grab my camera to take photos of the adventure.

That back tire isn't going anywhere!  We can't shovel the snow out of the way because it is frozen to pure ice.
And it's too slick to go forward.
There is no salt in the garage so while I took more photos, Brenda went across the street to ask the neighbor for some salt.  Neighbor to the rescue.  Salt pored under both front tires and Brenda was able to drive my car up the hill safely to a parking space by the garage.  We took Brenda's four wheel drive car and made it to Latin Dancing class at LA Fitness just in time.

How was your Saturday?