Thursday, November 21, 2013

Part 5: Saying Our Good-byes

All too soon everyone headed out of town again in opposite directions.
Will, Liz, Megan and Lucy had to return to Arkansas.
Becca packed and headed to the airport for our final good-byes.

It was a very sad time.  We knew she needed to leave but we wanted her to stay.  She would be teaching for another year in Indonesia. We all cried (except Bill).  We hated to leave her in the security line crying.

We got home to Savage and 10 minutes later Becca called and said her plane had been delayed for three hours.  Bill and I agreed to pick up lunch to share at the terminal. We had a Jimmy John lunch, a lovely chat, and sent Becca off in better spirits with a promise to chat on Skype soon.

That was the end of Becca's month long vacation, my granddaughter's visit and vacation with the whole wonderful family in town (you too - Will and Liz - we love you a tons).  It is always hard to say good-by.  Bill and I are already planning visits for 2014.

Part 4: A Surprise Party for Becca

 SURPRISE!  Who looks the most surprised?

 Lots of yummy desserts

Sarah and Liz planned a surprise party for Becca as an early birthday and going away celebration.  I was able to entertain Becca at the Mall of America while the party preparations were organized.  The guys grilled, there was a cake and lots of desserts and we all had a great time.

Part 3: Did We Miss Anything?

We loved story time with Grandpa Bill.  Megan and Grandpa took turns reading and it was a contest to see who could get more pages in while taking turns.  Megan set the pace but Grandpa kept up!

Some of us dressed up and posed at the photo booth at Sarah's company Fall Event.

Sarah was the expert at the weigh-in station.
 Pumpkins were decorated by all.

Holmans at the University of Minnesota
with Goldie

 And on tour -- can you see Megan and Lucy with Liz?
 Will on campus again - our 2003 graduate!

I love this photo from earlier that week.

We made cards on National Scrapbook Day.  Megan poses with hers.

Part 2: More Adventures in Early October with the Holmans

Some adventures included:
Picking apples and family photos, story time with Grandpa Bill, craft time with Grandma Jan, lunch downtown and a University of Minnesota tour, all girl's lunch at the American Girls store, a health expo and fall event at Sarah's company and a surprise party for Becca.
Here are photos from a few -----------

We had a great time at the apple orchard.
Our visiting photographer took some lovely family photos.

They rode the train and had lunch downtown with Grandma Jan.

We had lunch at the American Girl store in Mall of America.
Lucy and Megan's new dolls joined up for lunch.

Part 1: Family Visit to Minnesota - October 2013

September 30 - October 6
My son Will and his family drove up from Arkansas for a week visit while Becca was in town.  We had lots of fun and many adventures.  It was the first time we have all been in Minnesota for quite awhile and it will be a year before we are able to do it again.
 Becca and Megan model hats at Target.
 Megan's favorite place for lunch - Noodles and Company
 A tour of Mary Kay's tremendous and fabulous 15-years-in-the-making doll house
 Lucy finally got to celebrate her birthday with Grandma Jan and Grandpa Bill.  
She was 5 years old in August.

Megan - models her Mom's new scarf from Indonesia (a present from Becca)

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Friday Night at Target Field

We had tickets for the Cubs vs Twins game on Friday evening.
Great stadium and fun watching but unfortunately the Twins lost.  We had a good time anyway.

Becca, Bill, me, Sarah

How Time Flies When We're Having Fun

Becca has been in town for 3 weeks already and it has been wonderful having her here.  I can't believe she leaves in only one week.  We will all miss her tons.
In the meantime - let's have some fun.

We finally had time to spend a day together on Friday.
Becca picked me up from work at 11 AM and we found a good place to have lunch.
Here's Becca outside the Blue Door Pub in St Paul.

We picked up coffee at a shop nearby and drove to her good friend Megan's to visit and spend quality time with Megan and one-month-old Adelaide.

Loved holding the baby and spending time with Becca and Adelaide's mommy, Megan.

 Nap time for Adelaide
 Sleeping for 45 minutes.  Loved it.
 Waking up and happy

After an afternoon of baby and friend time, we met Bill and Sarah for dinner in Minneapolis.
Thumbs up for good drinks and food at the Corner Bar