Sunday, November 27, 2011

Room Ready

I spent part of the weekend cleaning out the second bedroom (and cleaning the rest of the house too).
We are anticipating Sarah's return on Monday evening.  She'll be staying with us as she starts a new job here in Minnesota.

Becca will be here at the end of December for a week before she boards a plane to Paris in early January.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Where in the World is Don?

Happy Birthday to Don.  He invited many of his special friends for a great time at his house.
Here are a few of the participants posing with him:

See anyone you know?

Thanksgiving at Our House

We had a quiet dinner at home on Thursday.  I fixed a 12 pound turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes and broccoli.  Bill even baked a pumpkin pie for dessert.  The turkey was awesome.
It was a beautiful day here in Minnesota with temperatures in the upper 50 degrees.  It was much nicer than our snowy day a week ago.
Capone and I enjoyed the sunshine out on the patio.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

And We Have Snow!

Snow arrived as expected today.  We got 2 ".  Not a lot but enough to make the roads slippery and dangerous.  Bill and I stayed home.  But once again we have a snow covered ground.  Capone and I checked out the neighborhood from the patio.  Enjoy!
Is that snow?????
You bet!

Bare Tree Inspiration

I haven't been inspired to blog lately.  I took a walk outside at lunch on Friday and captured some of the trees before they are once again covered with snow.
Trees are bare and it's time for snow.  We haven't had any snow this season yet but it is expected later today.  It's almost like a black and white photo outside.  It's cloudy and you can just see those clouds filled with snow ready to open up.  A little snow will really cheer up the neighborhood.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

November Starts - Pot Luck Eating, On Retreat and Some New Cards

This year is quickly slipping through the hour glass.
It seems like it was June just a few days ago.  How did it get to be November so soon?

November events so far:
We had a pot luck at work earlier this week.  There was plenty of food for everyone.
Some of the food --

Some of the happy, hungry participants (It's finally time to eat after smelling the food all morning) --

The fall leaves are still beautiful in the neighborhood.

I spent the weekend at Tara's cabin for a Stamping Up retreat with friends. The view was beautiful and the weather delightful.
No big surprises this weekend, except for a scary tap on the window in the dark of night.  Lucikly it was only Woody, a friendly neighbor.  Boy, did we jump!

We had a great time making cards, designing some new ones, eating, relaxing and having a great time.
Cards for kids, new babies and Christmas - see any you like?