Saturday, September 28, 2013

Friday Night at Target Field

We had tickets for the Cubs vs Twins game on Friday evening.
Great stadium and fun watching but unfortunately the Twins lost.  We had a good time anyway.

Becca, Bill, me, Sarah

How Time Flies When We're Having Fun

Becca has been in town for 3 weeks already and it has been wonderful having her here.  I can't believe she leaves in only one week.  We will all miss her tons.
In the meantime - let's have some fun.

We finally had time to spend a day together on Friday.
Becca picked me up from work at 11 AM and we found a good place to have lunch.
Here's Becca outside the Blue Door Pub in St Paul.

We picked up coffee at a shop nearby and drove to her good friend Megan's to visit and spend quality time with Megan and one-month-old Adelaide.

Loved holding the baby and spending time with Becca and Adelaide's mommy, Megan.

 Nap time for Adelaide
 Sleeping for 45 minutes.  Loved it.
 Waking up and happy

After an afternoon of baby and friend time, we met Bill and Sarah for dinner in Minneapolis.
Thumbs up for good drinks and food at the Corner Bar

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

More Becca Activities

I took last Friday off for Becca-time.   We planned to do some crafty activities but ended up doing errands to send her Visa request.  How many activities does it take to get your Visa?  It was two hours to type up all the forms, a trip to Walgreen's, Becca's bank, my bank and Fed X to get it on it's way. 
It was hectic but I was happy to just be there to keep her company.

We did have some fun Friday too.  We had a late lunch at Applebees at 4 PM.  Later Becca and Bill picked up a Red Box movie for the evening.  If you haven't seen '42' about baseball player, Jackie Robinson, you need to rent it and see it too.   Great story and great movie!

Becca and Sarah had a great weekend going on a long bike ride and meeting with friends.  Becca and I offered to help Sarah clean the refrigerator shelves at her place.  It was a lot of work but worth it.

 Becca had time to shop on Tuesday and modeled her new outfit for us.

Cute outfit and cute daughter who is having lots of fun during her visit here in the United States.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

First Week Activities

Wednesday, September 11
Becca walked over to the DMV to get her driver's license renewed so she can drive while she's in town.
That evening Becca and I got crafty together and had a fun time creating for Fall.

Becca's creation up close.

Saturday morning, September 14
Sarah and Becca packed up her car and drove up North for the weekend.

Becca and Sarah all packed and ready for a road trip.

Sunday, September 15
Becca smiles for the camera before heading out to meet friends for lunch.

Welcome home, Becca.  We had a great first week here in Minnesota.

Becca is Back for a Month

Becca returned to Minnesota on Monday, September 9th.  She left Indonesia on Sunday morning and arrived in Minneapolis on Monday evening.  Sarah picked her up at the airport and delivered her to Savage for her stay.  We took Becca to dinner at Theresa's for great Mexican food and drinks.
Becca and Sarah are together again with dinner and drinks.

The guest room is ready for her visit.

Bill models a gift from Becca

 The next day - ready for action and fun with her sister.