Thursday, June 21, 2012

Jane Austen's Book Club Goal

I started reading Jane Austen's book earlier this year.  By April 21st I had completed several with a couple more to read. I read Emma on my new Color Nook and I read Sense and Sensibility in paperback because I had a copy and I wasn't going to spend more to get one on my Nook.
This is my last Jane Austen read.  I have now read all of her published books.  Goal accomplished.  As a reward to myself and an official member of the Jane Austen Book Club, I plan to watch the movie by the same name AGAIN this weekend.

There's one more:
I am currently reading a book that was finished and published after her demise.  Good so far.  I'll let you know when I've read more.

Another fun project is to watch the film adaptations of her books.  I love the 5 hour Pride and Prejudice series with Colin Firth.  Emma is great.  I have watched Sense and Sensibility  and Persuasion.  I liked them all.  But then I like Jane Austen,  Can you tell?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June Storm

We had a huge storm last night.  There was rain and wind and hail.  It was very noisy.  So glad it didn't break any windows and we didn't loss electric power (although some did in Savage).

In the morning, we found siding damage in our yard.  Not part of our house.

But from the house across the street.
How did you and your property fair from the storm?

We have another storm headed this way tonight.  Stay safe.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Card Class Fun with Designer Jessica

I love our creative Saturdays in Pine City at Jessica's class.
Carolyn and I drove up north this weekend for the day.
Some favorite creations:

Saturday's Travel Report:
Minnesota was in full swing for 'Construction Season'. In my travels from Savage to Pine City, I was unable to get on Hwy 169 or Interstate 94 - at all!  I had to reroute our road trip to 35 W with various unclear detours.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Becca Update

Becca is currently living in Paris taking French courses and working part time.
Of course she is taking time to tour in France too.  Can you tell that this is her?
Send us more photos Becca

Becca has a ticket to return to Minnesota on July 31st and will be here the entire month of August. We are so excited to see her in less than two months.

Here is a hint of projects to come: Indonesia

Coming soon:
Becca has promised to start a new blog of her own soon.  I promise to let you know the address when I know it.

Rainbow Over Our House

There was a rainbow over our house this evening.  It was raining with the sun still out.   I caught it all on film.  What a great find.
That's our house and there is the rainbow.

The grey clouds with the sun shining through.  Beautiful.