Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Is It Snow or Is It Rain?

Tuesday evening we had rain - lots of rain - all night long.  Wednesday morning there was snow and slush and the drive to work would have been very slow.  Luckily I was able to work from home.

Interesting news facts from the local media today:
300 cars slide off the road in the Twin Cities during the morning rush hour.
If this rain had been snow - we would have received 13.5 inches or more.

What a weird snow/rain day.
Pretty on the trees.

Snow and slush on our patio.

Very slippery on the roads and driveways.

Flu Symptoms

While writing my blog, the internet searched for references to the flu.
I clicked to this one and thought you might enjoy it too. Know Your Flu Symptoms

The Internet is getting so SMART.
You don't even need to do a search and articles are suggested for you.
I am not advertising products but their cold and flu symptom reference might be helpful.

Time off During My Cold

A Rest From Blogging:
I haven't felt very good this last week. After my last post and that busy weekend in middle February I was struck by an awful virus that has hit the Twin Cities along with many other cities around the world.  I say the world because my daughter who is living in Paris, France has a bad cold too.

The LONG Story:
As a warning to my readers and faithful followers, don't read this unless you really want all the details.

I went into work on a Monday and started feeling achy all over.  I stayed home the next day but went back to work on Wednesday.  I forced myself to get through the week and then stayed home resting all weekend.  On the next Monday I'm finally feeling better but have a lingering, hacking cough and I went  back to work.  My head was full of cob webs (ever had one of those colds where you can't think clearly?) but everyone would look my way when my LOUD cough would alert the entire 3rd floor of the office building that there was a crazy, coughing, inconsiderate person on the floor that would be better off at home!  Unfortunately that was me.  I felt OK and we're very busy so I kept insisting that I was FINE. Back again Tuesday with more of the same - my head is clear and not pounding but my cough is still annoying to me and everyone else.  I did get to the doctor Tuesday afternoon (no infection - lungs, ears and sinus are fine) so I'm on a cough medicine, allergy medicine for congestion, and a nose spray for the dripping.  I warned you about the details.  Wednesday I was able to work from home (for good measure and to give the office a rest from my annoying loud hacking).  I feel much better now and I'm ready to once again conquer the world and once again continue software testing with gusto.

I hope you are all feeling well and able to avoid this yucky flu.  I sincerely wish good health to everyone.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Our Annual Fondue Party

Bill and I attended our 22nd annual fondue party with special friends.  We continue the great tradition - same long-time friends but a different host home each year.  This year we were at Wayne and Jane's lovely home in Edina making use of their newly remodeled kitchen.

 Cooks in the kitchen.  Table all set.

The guys chatting in the other room.
Great meal, great time.

Road Trip

Guess where I was on Saturday? Does this look familar?

We made lovely cards with Jessica at Pine City Scrapbooking.  
As always it was GREAT fun.
We made some nice cards to add to our growing collections:

Here are a few of the faces of our instructor and favorite participants.  See anyone you know?

I'm already starting to plan a trip in March.  Anyone want to join me?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Where's the Snow?????

We have had a very mild winter this year.  We haven't had much snow but it has made pretty scenery when we do.  We had a surprise snowfall earlier this week.  I caught a little of it on film.  It's going to be forty degrees today so this snow cover won't be here for long

The patio furniture at work has a fresh layer of white snow.  It looks freshly painted white but this touch up will melt soon.  But it's only February - I'm sure we'll get some more!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day to Paris

I sent out many homemade Valentines this year.  I hope you got yours.  However, I don't have an address for my youngest in Paris so I'm sending her one (or two) on my blog.  She can choose the one she likes best.

I made several more and got them in the mail last Thursday so one should be arriving today at a mailbox near you.  If you didn't get one, you either: live in town, I don't have your address, you are in Paris (hence the blog) or I don't like you (just kidding).
Have a great day!
PS We have snow again but only about an inch.  Just makes the roads slippery but it reminds us that it is STILL winter in Minnesota.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Big Bowl Dinner Special

I met a friend for dinner at the big bowl after work on Tuesday.
The food was amazing!  The dessert was even better.

Sharing it with a special friend was the best!

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Reading Shares

Jane Austen: I just finished one and started another.
A new Shopaholic novel to read.
And a suggestion from Elizabeth:
How do my reads stack up?
What have you been reading lately?

Random Sights at the Office This Week

My office

Across the aisle - some team work.
How much work did he get done today?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy Birthday , Will and Happy Birthday, Megan

February 2, 2012

Six years ago my son celebrated his birthday with this little birthday gift, a beautiful daughter:
Megan was born on his birthday and they have celebrated this special day every year with a German Chocolate cake for Will and a Princess cake for Megan.

Happy Birthday, Will
With a kiss from Megan - your favorite birthday buddy.
And your Sonic Happy Hour buddy.

Our first granddaughter and our favorite six year old.  Have a great birthday.
Such a happy girl and a delight to play with.
We love you too.
Have a fun birthday from Grandma Jan and Grandpa Bill.