Thursday, August 9, 2012

Our Beautiful Daughters

Sarah and Becca are home for awhile.  Becca returned from Paris at the end of July and Sarah moved back until she can find a roommate and an apartment again.  It's great to have them both home briefly and it's great for them to be together again.
They headed out camping this weekend with several of Sarah's friends.
Hoping they have a great time.

Here's Becca with Capone - relaxed and refreshed after her long flight from Europe:

We are so blessed to have them home for part of the summer.

Next week we are traveling to Little Rock to see our family there.  Sarah and Becca are driving and I'll be co-piloting to make sure we get there in less than 23 hours.  It's a twelve to fourteen hour trip but last summer the girls went off route a little and it took them a bit longer to travel south.  

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