Friday, August 31, 2012

Bill's Special Birthday Celebration

It was a special birthday this year for Bill.  The girls and I planned a special surprise party for him with our friends a few days after the actual birthday.
In order to keep our secret, we took Bill to dinner at the Good Earth on Tuesday evening (his actual birthday).  Here are some family photos at that event.
Sarah, Becca and Bill - Happy Birthday, Bill!

The surprise birthday was Friday evening after work at Don and Beth's house.  Becca and I went over early in the afternoon to cook dinner and help Beth organize the house.   I went back home to meet Bill after work and drive up to dinner at Don's.  The cars were parked down the block out of site and there was no evidence of extra people at the house.  Don and Beth greeted us at the door and then Sarah, Becca and our friends marched out through the the kitchen singing 'Happy Birthday to You'.

Bill has peach pie - his favorite.

 Becca and Sarah with Bill
 Bill with Don and Beth
The gang at the party

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