Thursday, May 31, 2012

This Past Weekend with the Holmans

With family in town, it was a great weekend and a long one at that.  It was great to be with family and see how my granddaughters have grown.
Lucy will be four this summer and is talking, conversing and making decisions which is a delight and often entertaining.
Megan is our Kindergarten graduate at six and a half and reading like a professional. She also loves to draw and write stories.
Both girls love to scrapbook with Grandma Jan.
Meg chose a beach theme.

Lucy made her scrapbook with flowers and a garden inside and out.

We even had time to add some photos from the weekend to their books.

Saturday turned out to be a rainy, storming day.  We all tried to get to the Prior Lake Farmer's Market but the rain beat us there and the market was closed early.
Fun with Aunt Sarah - even in the rain.

We spent the rest of the day crafting and reading stories at home.

Sunday was a much better day - sunny and bright.  We were able to walk to the park and play.

Grandma Jan and her girls.

 Grandpa Bill and Capone enjoyed the park too.

Sarah and I fixed tacos for dinner, Megan set the table and we all watched the Muppet Movie after.

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