Saturday, May 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Events

I celebrated a birthday last weekend with family and friends.  It was so much fun that I just kept celebrating all weekend and into the next.
My birthday was Saturday, but I got started early on Friday after work.  Bill and I stopped at Barnes and Nobles on the way home and finally picked up my Color Nook.  I've been wanting one for some time and we finally had enough money in the budget to purchase one and it's just in time for birthday and Mother's Day celebrations.

As another birthday request, I was 'offered' assistance in closet clean out and wardrobe sorting.  Bill packed clothes for Good Well and I sorted and organized the rest for a healthy closet full of color sorted blouses, sweaters and slacks.

As the most lovely surprise of all - mail and a package from Bachman's from our daughter in Paris.  I had fun opening and organizing them and Bill assisted by photo shooting the event.

Saturday morning Bill and I meet Sarah at Jensen's Cafe in Burnsville for a wonderful brunch.  If you haven't eaten at Jensen's you need to give it a try.  Their food is delicious.

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