Sunday, February 17, 2013

Working Downtown

I started a new job just two weeks ago.  I am at US Bank in downtown Minneapolis as a software tester.  My boss is the best and our team is terrific.  It's fun being downtown.  The office area is very nice and I stay busy all day in my new little cube.  I was contracting before and this was an opportunity for a full time salaried position with benefits including paid vacation.

I am taking the bus everyday and it's a great way to avoid driving in traffic and gives me time to do lots of reading.  I have already read three new books in the last two weeks.

Bill also works downtown and has been taking the bus for quite some time.  He leaves at 6 am to catch the 6:18 bus, gets dropped off right in front of the US Bank Plaza building and works in a building one Skyway away.  He starts work at 7:30 am and is done at 4 pm.  I decided to take the same bus so we have been riding down and back every day together. Luckily my team is very flexible on the time that I work.  We leave very so in the morning but at least we are back home by 5 pm.

They have posted a sign in our office 'No photos allowed on US Bank property' so I can't show the office or my co-workers but I will post the outside area and events from time to time.

#1 Photo Share: The bus stop for our trip home.  Enjoy!

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