Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Finding our Christmas Present

We received an 'Omaha Steaks' gift card for Christmas from family.  There is a store here in the Twin City area so a couple weekends ago Bill and I set off to find it.

We had the address in St Louis Park, MN.  We had our GPS.  We were in the right spot according to directions but couldn't see it.
So we stopped at Noodles and Company (which we were able to see) and had lunch. Yummy.  My favorite!

Then we were back on the trail again.  We decided to try finding it on foot.  It was raining; it was sleeting; it was snowing.  Visibility was NOT good.
Round and round we walked while trying not to slide.  We had to stop and ask for directions twice and here it was - tucked around a corner in the middle of the outside mall.

They had a very appropriate sign at the front register.  We bought some lovely sea bass, chicken paddies and steak burgers.  We received a set of 4 single serve frozen cheese cake desserts for our efforts.
There is also a Charming Charlie store in the same mall.  I hope to get back soon to check that out too.
It was a very successful trip after all.

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