Thursday, November 21, 2013

Part 5: Saying Our Good-byes

All too soon everyone headed out of town again in opposite directions.
Will, Liz, Megan and Lucy had to return to Arkansas.
Becca packed and headed to the airport for our final good-byes.

It was a very sad time.  We knew she needed to leave but we wanted her to stay.  She would be teaching for another year in Indonesia. We all cried (except Bill).  We hated to leave her in the security line crying.

We got home to Savage and 10 minutes later Becca called and said her plane had been delayed for three hours.  Bill and I agreed to pick up lunch to share at the terminal. We had a Jimmy John lunch, a lovely chat, and sent Becca off in better spirits with a promise to chat on Skype soon.

That was the end of Becca's month long vacation, my granddaughter's visit and vacation with the whole wonderful family in town (you too - Will and Liz - we love you a tons).  It is always hard to say good-by.  Bill and I are already planning visits for 2014.

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