Monday, March 18, 2013

March in Minnesota So Far

March has been very cold.  We have had sleet, snow and ice.  Then we had more snow.
Temperatures have reached the 40's but have been mainly between 20 - 30 degrees with wind chill in the negatives.  In other words, winter still has a strong hold on our state.
Snow banks and cloudy skies

Our snowy car after work

Bill and I park the car in a local 'Park and Ride' and take the Metro bus to work everyday.  It has been a live saver this winter.    Although the snowy days have been frustrating, riding the bus takes the stress out of getting to work.

My boss shared daffodils with some of us at work.  They brought a little sunshine into our house.

Until April or May, we wait for Spring after a really long winter.
Happy Spring to you all.


  1. So much snow!! I like the new car though. I thought you'd have a bigger picture of it somewhere... ha ha! But it looks like some of those snow banks are taller than Dad.

  2. This is not the new car. This is the Corolla that we have had for a few years. This is the car Dad has always been driving to the bus park n ride and now I ride with him.
    The new car was purchased in January. Check out the blogs earlier this year.
    Love you. Mom