Friday, September 28, 2012

A Good Start to Our Weekend

Working from home on Friday has many perks.
  • Rolling out of bed two hours later than other mornings during the week and not even getting in the car to get to work
  • Having the laptop right there waiting for e-mail answers, meeting updates and business requirement reviews
  • And not needing to pick out the proper outfit and accessories to wear for work at the office
  • If I'm really lucky, some else has already made coffee and it's there waiting for me
It also gives me an opportunity to have someone clean the house - bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms and floors without feeling guilty because I'm doing my project and they are doing theirs.

I found someone to help with the cleaning a month ago and it is so nice to have everything organized and cleaned before the start of the weekend.  Now what will I do without all that cleaning hanging over my head all weekend (which I usually don't get done but still feel guilty about).

Pretty good - oops, there's still paperwork to file and more organizing.
I can live with that!  The floors are clean.  What more could a woman want for now?
You all have a fun and relaxing weekend too.

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