Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Time off During My Cold

A Rest From Blogging:
I haven't felt very good this last week. After my last post and that busy weekend in middle February I was struck by an awful virus that has hit the Twin Cities along with many other cities around the world.  I say the world because my daughter who is living in Paris, France has a bad cold too.

The LONG Story:
As a warning to my readers and faithful followers, don't read this unless you really want all the details.

I went into work on a Monday and started feeling achy all over.  I stayed home the next day but went back to work on Wednesday.  I forced myself to get through the week and then stayed home resting all weekend.  On the next Monday I'm finally feeling better but have a lingering, hacking cough and I went  back to work.  My head was full of cob webs (ever had one of those colds where you can't think clearly?) but everyone would look my way when my LOUD cough would alert the entire 3rd floor of the office building that there was a crazy, coughing, inconsiderate person on the floor that would be better off at home!  Unfortunately that was me.  I felt OK and we're very busy so I kept insisting that I was FINE. Back again Tuesday with more of the same - my head is clear and not pounding but my cough is still annoying to me and everyone else.  I did get to the doctor Tuesday afternoon (no infection - lungs, ears and sinus are fine) so I'm on a cough medicine, allergy medicine for congestion, and a nose spray for the dripping.  I warned you about the details.  Wednesday I was able to work from home (for good measure and to give the office a rest from my annoying loud hacking).  I feel much better now and I'm ready to once again conquer the world and once again continue software testing with gusto.

I hope you are all feeling well and able to avoid this yucky flu.  I sincerely wish good health to everyone.

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