Monday, January 23, 2012

Several Years Ago - Who's Who?

This adorable photo was posted (just for fun) on Facebook by Sarah recently and the debate began.
Which twin is which? Sarah and Rebecca OR Rebecca and Sarah?
At 3 months, they are already telling funny stories and laughing together.
Rebecca Holman Am I on the right? Lol too adorable.
Sarah Holman Mom and Dad couldn't tell...they disagree, but Mom's guess is that you're on the left. No idea lol :D
Elizabeth Holman Will's guess is Sarah's on the left and Bec on the right! :)

Janice Holman (Sarah and Becca's mother): Rebecca is on the left and Sarah is on the right. But even I agree it is hard to tell with only a side view.

Here are some more photos to help decide:
Rebecca and Sarah

These photos were taken at the same time.  
Rebecca is first (on the left) and Sarah is next (on the right).
Mother knows best.

As long as we're walking down memory lane, here is another photo of our three cuties:

Sarah and Rebecca are 15 months and Will is 10 years.  Look how young Will is!

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