Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Preparations

All I want for Christmas is MORE TIME.
With only two more weeks til Christmas, the holidays are once again coming whether I'm ready or not!
Could you all just wait for me to catch up and get ready too?? Just this once.  I promise it will never happen again.  I'll be prepared.
So who am I kidding?  It happens every year.  So why should this year be an different?
I enjoy reading family and friend's blogs. I get all inspired to 'deck the hall', shop and mail our Christmas cards.  Next I realize that it's the middle of December and I'm still designing the card to make to send this year.  Yes, I am a little behind.
I did get out the beautiful Noel blocks that Elizabeth made for us last year.  They are decorating the mantel but still need a little more cheer.
At least it's a start!
I made some cute Christmas tags at a friend's workshop on Sunday.
Now all I need are presents, our tree up and decorated and many other projects finished.  
But then again, I have two more weeks! Right?

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