Sunday, November 6, 2011

November Starts - Pot Luck Eating, On Retreat and Some New Cards

This year is quickly slipping through the hour glass.
It seems like it was June just a few days ago.  How did it get to be November so soon?

November events so far:
We had a pot luck at work earlier this week.  There was plenty of food for everyone.
Some of the food --

Some of the happy, hungry participants (It's finally time to eat after smelling the food all morning) --

The fall leaves are still beautiful in the neighborhood.

I spent the weekend at Tara's cabin for a Stamping Up retreat with friends. The view was beautiful and the weather delightful.
No big surprises this weekend, except for a scary tap on the window in the dark of night.  Lucikly it was only Woody, a friendly neighbor.  Boy, did we jump!

We had a great time making cards, designing some new ones, eating, relaxing and having a great time.
Cards for kids, new babies and Christmas - see any you like?

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